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Center for General Education
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Center organization
I. General Education Commission:
By the headmaster of the Department of Lin, the relevant executive director or outside the relevant professional personnel. The principal is the convener and the director of the center is the executive secretary. It is the guiding unit of general education and meets once a semester. Period of palm for:
Define the concept of general education.
To determine the development direction and policy of general education.
The Curriculum Structure and Field of the General Education.
Consideration of Matters Concerning Curriculum and Teacher Arrangement in Liberal Studies.
Consider major plans for general education.
Consideration of the near, medium and long - range development plans for general education.
Second, the teacher review committee:
The nine members of the Commission, the Center Director for the ex officio members, and the remaining eight by the center of self-help teachers and professors level five or more teachers, lecturers elected three. With a term of one year and meeting once a month. Its duties are:
To examine the Center's single-track rules on matters such as appointment, promotion, dismissal, suspension, non-renewal, academic research and long-term education.
Assessment of the Center for the appointment of teachers, dismissal, employment, not to renew, to extend services and promotion and so on.
Assessment of the center of the teaching of teachers, research and invention, academic work, service contribution and other matters.
Assessment of the Center teachers to participate in domestic and international training and academic research and other matters.
Review The Center organizes a project to improve the quality of teaching staff.
According to the school rules and regulations on the assessment of the center teachers major reward and punishment matters.
Other matters concerning the evaluation of the rights and interests of teachers of the Center, or the consideration of matters discussed by the superior.
Third, the General Curriculum Planning Committee:
The committee is composed of the director of the center, the convener of the teaching group, representatives of the teaching groups (more than five members of each teaching group are elected to represent one person), and the director of the center is the convenor.
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