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Center for General Education
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teaching objectives
First, the humanities group
Teach students:
Understand the inherent culture.
Cultivating Ethical and Moral Concepts.
Tender patriotic love rural sentiment.
To stimulate a positive spirit.
Cultivating the Concept of Professional Morality.
Improve reading and writing skills.
Social groups
Teach students:
Understand the connotation of social sciences, to develop the ability to behave.
To understand social phenomena and problems in order to enhance the participation in social life and to cope with social changes in the knowledge.
Develop independent thinking, dialectical and critical ability.
Establish a positive outlook on life.
To cultivate the ability to learn in the era of globalization.
Third, the natural group
Teach students:
To understand their own and the natural world of the various associations, and understand how to self in a modern society.
Understanding of human acquisition of scientific knowledge of the method to open access to other disciplines.
To understand the limitations of the application of knowledge to facilitate the integration of science and technology.
With the health management and promotion of intelligence, in order to maintain a good quality of life.
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