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Center for General Education
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The aim of education is to cultivate students' ability and vision of specialization, humanization and internationalization. The curriculum of the Liberal Studies curriculum is jointly designed by the Center and the departments. The curriculum is also taught by the General Education Center and the full-time faculty members.
In addition to the professional education in each department, through the design and implementation of general curriculum, students with independent thinking, macro vision and social care of the sound personality.
To teach students to understand themselves, to understand the relationship between the masses, thinking about the harmonious coexistence of modern science and technology and natural life of the road, from the "human and self", "people and society" and "man and nature"
Through the core curriculum of education, lay the basis for students to learn together, so that it has a good language skills, information organization and social action.
"Humanities and Arts", "Social Science" and "Nature and Life Sciences" are the three areas of general education and diversified education, and the concept of holistic education is implemented through the exchange of diverse education.
● Humanities and Arts

To tree the tree for the idea of ​​education.
To become the content of teaching.
So as to know the principle of poor learning.
To practice the Benedict behavior as the fundamental.
To know ceremony for the self-cultivation of the law.
Aesthetic accomplishment for the cultivation of sentiment.
Language training as the basis for scholarship.
To integrated capacity for the ideal of advanced.
● Social Sciences

Humanized curriculum.
Logical curriculum.
Moralization of the curriculum.
Aesthetic Course Arrangement.
Creative curriculum.
Artistic Curriculum Arrangement.
Personalized curriculum.
Natural and Life Sciences

Extension of Basic Science.
The Cognition of the Meaning of Life.
Behavioral Science Enhancement.
The operation of scientific experiments.
Natural phenomena of the proposed test.
The Planning of Medical Aesthetics.
The disposal of environmental conditions.
The Exploration of the Image Reaction.
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