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idea [ 2016-12-15 ]
The service of Mercy, Mercy, Appreciation, Respect and Tolerance is the best way to ensure the students have the gracefu...
Features [ 2016-12-15 ]
The aim of education is to cultivate students' ability and vision of specialization, humanization and internationalizat...
Future vision [ 2016-12-15 ]
● Mid-term vision
The promotion of students' literary atmosphere.
Curriculum Review and Planning.
Re - innovation of te...
teaching objectives [ 2016-12-15 ]
First, the humanities group
Teach students:
Understand the inherent culture.
Cultivating Ethical and Moral Concepts.
Center organization [ 2016-12-15 ]
I. General Education Commission:
By the headmaster of the Department of Lin, the relevant executive director or outside ...